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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Follow up on ... "Feel what your eyes see and let the words flow"


                                               Photography by Olga Kulanowska

I wonder how did you go with created your own haiku to the photo above?

                As promised ... (my haiku)       
                                                   Through the mist of my past
                                                   in search of answers
                                                   my journey ends where it begun

                                          More of “Olga's haiku” ...
                   My twisted body
                   ready to let go
                   awaiting winter's touch

               Photography by Gerd Heise

                                                       A bridal waltz
                                                       twirling dreams around
                                                       can you feel my heart

                                                     Photography by Gerd Heise
     Magician's hand
     leading the dance
     story lost in colour
                     Photography by Jacky Fox

                   Between the folds of time
                   an awaken soul
                   basking in the light

                Photography by Yushan Sui ~ 

                                                      Teasing the sky above
                                                      romancing the air
                                                      colourful ribbons in my hair

                                                     Photography by Gonul Balci

         Free spirit trapped
         by the wing of wisdom
         rooted deeply in earth

Photography by Olga Kulanowska

                   Captured within my eye
                   a gazing moon
                   suspended in the sky

                                                                                    Photography by Hatice Dincer

                                             Wheel of fortune
                                             with golden rind
                                             bubbling with joy still to be found

                                                  Photography by Bartek Ryszka

        Reality fading away
        as I follow you
        through the void between us

    Photography by Claudine de Fay

                   Waiting for something
                   something not there
                   does anybody care

              Photography by Jeff Dowell

                                                       Fishing for wisdom
                                                       shining from above
                                                       in the depths of my life

                                                Photography by Alessandro Baffa

A fire of your love
keeps my heart burning with hope
my body so bare, so cold

                  Photography by Mikko Tyllinen

                                                ... and how about writing a haiku to this photo?

                                      This will be a happy challenge for you and me!

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