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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

“Feel what your eyes see and let the words flow.”

                                               Photography by Olga Kulanowska

When I opened a Google account to set up my blog I was totally unaware of G+ until a friend of mine said ...
                                             “So you are on G+ !”
                                             “And what is this?” ... was my question.

A few days later I decided to see what this “G+” was all about and I was simply amazed at the quantity of magnificent photos uploaded by many photographers from around the world.
With every visit I was bombarded with so many magical images that my face would get sore from saying yet another wow, ooh etc. and my eyes would get bigger and bigger.
One day I realised that some of the photos would speak to me louder than others. It was like getting an instant telegraph at the first gaze.

                    Shimmy, shimmy let it flow
                    a shiny veil
                    away from your core  
                                               Photography by Olga Kulanowska
                                               Rose from my neighbour's garden.

I used to write poetry in my younger years with my first poem created when I was 9 year old and out of all the places, this creative spark decided to choose a bathroom. I had no control over it! It simply just came out without any intention on my behalf.
The poem was perfect not only in its expression, but also in its structure; 4 x 4 line verses, the right amount of syllables in each line and it rhymed on top of it.

It was a story about the ram and the goat that fell in love, but because they spoke a different language they had an argument. However there was a happy ending in the last verse ... the wedding bells.
I wish I still had this poem as it would be great for children to teach them about being open to multiculturalism in a metaphoric way.

Going back to the photos on G+, I realised that my poetic energy decided to come out of hiding in a form similar to Japanese Haiku which was unfamiliar to me until a few weeks earlier.
I decided to embrace this creative spark and named it “Olga's haiku” as its form is not 100% in accordance with the official haiku rules.

To me creativity and fun go hand in hand,
                     so I would like you to have some fun too!

                                                                             It is only fair
                                                                             to share
                                                                             the joys of life ...

... and so I would like you to visit G+ or any other site that contains beautiful photos and have some fun with creating your own “haiku” of any form or shape or you can start with the photo below ...


This photo was taken in Nepal in April 2012
and I have already written
an “Olga's haiku” for this image,
but I am not going to show you yet
as I would like you to give it a go
without being influenced by my words.


  Photography by Olga Kulanowska

I wonder if you felt anything as your eyes gazed upon this photo?

If yes, please feel free to share your “haiku” in the comments box and know that you can choose to be anonymous.

                                               I would love to read them!!!

                                             Give it a go!

               It is easier than you think
                   or rather ...
                                           it is easier if you don't think,
                                                          but feel with your heart instead!

                                          .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .

Now, I would like to share with you a few more beautiful images that spoke to me louder and extend a big thank you to the photographers who's photos have awaken my poetic energy. Please check them out ... and enjoy the journey.


Please shake my hand
there is warmth in my world
I see you walking away


  Photography by Edith Kukla 


Through the fine skin
I can see my past in the now
waiting for the future

                                                                 Photography by Edith Kukla 

                                    Standing on the edge
                                    the power of one
                                    ready to ripple the world around

                                                    Photography by Edith Kukla

The colours of love
the rainbow of warmth
who needs a pot of gold

  Photography by Katja Konowa

Who cares where I land
as long as I can fly
so high, so high

                                                                 Photography by Mikhail Petrovsky

                                   Nature's lighthouse
                                   lost in the beauty
                                   on the way to oneness

                                 Photography from G+ post shared by Michal Pavlica
                                                          (Author unknown)



Mirage of life
burning in the sky
no need to hide

  Photography by Dimka Angelova

Splash of egg yolk
into a muddy mind
stirring the wisdom out

                                                                                       Photography by Dimka Angelova
                                    I am back my friend
                                    the time has grown                                 
                                    your body and my own

                                       Photography by Leonardo Amaro Rodrigues

As the petals fall
it is time for your heart to show
the wisdom hidden inside

  Photography from the G+ post shared by Maria Herodt

What's above so below
a winding road
is taking me home


Photography by Jacky Fox

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