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Saturday, 5 January 2013

"Unstoppable New Year's resolution."

                         Special Offer
         Unstoppable New Year's resolution
             at a fraction of competitors' price.

    100% success rate guaranted or your money back.

       Are you tired of ...
                    ... seeing your New Year's resolutions lasting on average a 100m run?

                                If your answer is “yes”, follow this story ...


It was 1993 and the roller blade craze was at its peak bringing back roller skating memories from my younger years.

Every spring I would watch my friends taking off with ease and expanding their skills, just like a tree, by adding more branches year after year.

As for me, I was like a bulb starting right from the beginning
every single year.

However, with the arrival of my 30th birthday I decided to have some fun and challenge my Sisyphus (Greek mythology) roller skating destiny by choosing a different type of stone.

With a brave face I ventured to “toys r us” to fulfil my secret mission.
While scanning a large selection of roller blades I was approached by a young sales assistant wanting to know if she could be of any help.

After providing me with some valuable information she asked ...
Who are you buying it for?”

Oh no, how am I going to get out of this one?! ...
and the only way out was to tell her the truth.

Before too long I had blades on my feet,
helmet on my head together with the rest of the padding
that she very much insisted on.
I would never risk roller blading without any protection.” ... were her words.
Well, if a 19 year old tells you this I thought ...
I better listen.


An hour later I was ready to challenge myself in the park at the end of my street.
I probably looked ridiculous on my first attempt, but at least I did not fall.
After a few sessions I started to feel a bit more comfortable and decided to test my abilities beyond the flat pathway within the park.

My self imposed challenge was to return home on roller blades which meant crossing a three cars wide road and negotiating an uneven footpath.

After a successful street crossing I began my downward ride along the pathway and to my surprise a barely visible slope accelerated my rolling above the speed level or so it felt to me.
Not knowing how to slow down or stop I started to panic. Then seconds later I spotted my saviour ... a large concrete ball decorating a gate post.

Now, see if you can picture this ...

  • Speeding like a racing car I get ready to grab the ball.

  • I grab the ball and ... (and what?!) ... I become mortified as I feel the ball sliding off the post. Oh no!, a heavy concrete ball is coming with me for a ride.
    Don't they say ... “Do not judge a book by its cover.”

  • To prevent a greater disaster I immediately take hold of the post below successfully ending my unexpected nightmare. Phew!

  • Relieved not to see anyone around I carefully reposition the ball and quickly disappear. 
                                                                The end.

What end ... ?!

Yes, the roller blading may have ended, but the New Year's resolution born out of this adventure has not stopped rolling and it doesn't look like it will.
For the past 20 years, I have been exposing myself to new experiences with a preference given to those taking me out of my comfort zones and ... I am no longer a bulb variety! Well, at least in one sense ...

With every passing year I am getting more and more comfortable with feeling uncomfortable!
You may think what you want, but to me this is a progress.

                                        Unstoppable New Year's resolution ...

             Be quick, grab it and let it roll with you for the rest of your life!


                                                  And what's on tomorrow?

              My upcoming 50th birthday challenge!!! A one hour flying lesson on Jabiru J-160.

My advice ...
      Please stay at home as there are no concrete balls in the sky to stop me!

Illustrations by Jane Corrigan

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